Very rough release coming soon...
The first Rough release of TTOKB will be released either by the end of the month or early next month. When I say rough release this will be very rough. Visually it will not look good at all but it should work functionally.
3-20-01 19:31
  Wrote create users routine...
Spent an hour or so changing the way that cookies are set and then wrote the routine to create new users.
3-20-01 16:00
  Changed the way the script searched...
Found some problems with the way that search routine searched and corrected those. I also found some errors on the display routine and corrected those.
3-19-01 00:37
  Wrote edit articles routines...
I decided to spend my day at Helltech(calltech) writing the routines to edit articles for the admin and the users. This gave me a headeache.
3-18-01 15:00
  Decided to rewrite login and authentication routines...
Ok...I decided that the login and authentication routines made me absolutely sick. I have rewritten them and they are definitely more efficient.
3-14-01 23:58
  Found errors in the user display routine...
A friend pointed out today that I had errors in my user display routine. I found that the script was not parsing the href command correctly. Corrected that error and it works just fine.
3-13-01 14:45
  Wrote login and authentication routines...
I spent all night writing these damned authentication routines. It took me much longer than I had expected and I am still not happy. I am 95% sure that they will be re-written before I make a beta release.
3-13-01 02:45
  Started writing TTOKB
I have written and tested all routines for searching and displaying information from the knowledge base.